Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), the aim of IMPACTIVE

An API is the essential component responsible for the therapeutic effect of a medicine. This crucial element can be sourced from various methods. In this article we explore what APIs are, why are they important, and the strict regulations they face to ensure their quality and safety in pharmaceutical production worldwide.

Mechanochemistry: pioneering green synthesis solutions across industries

Mechanochemistry is a groundbreaking field, revolutionizing chemistry through force-triggered reactions, eco-friendly practices, and efficient processes. It’s a pioneer technology with applications across multiple fields: biomass transformation, energy storage, agrochemicals, and much more. With its versatility and sustainability, it’s reshaping a myriad of industries towards a greener, more innovative future. Keep reading to unveil different use-cases.

Who is behind IMPACTIVE? Discover our partners!

IMPACTIVE is a very ambitious project, with members of the greatest background diversity. Altogether, we want to get rid of the solvents in the current pharmaceutical processes and substitute them with mechanochemistry, a greener, more sustainable approach.

Our Annual Report is out!

We turn one year old, and we celebrate it by publishing our Annual Report, that analyses our latest developments.

IMPACTIVE connecting mechanochemists in IUPAC 2023

Last week, chemists from around the world gathered at the IUPAC Conference in The Hague, Netherlands. IMPACTIVE researchers had a strong presence throughout the conference, with a dedicated focus session on mechanochemistry, as well as oral and poster presentations highlighting the first results of the project.

Our website is live!

IMPACTIVE launches its brand-new website, an online hub to find all the updates about our project, results, and activities