Mechanochemistry towards greener pharmaceuticals

Innovative processes to revolutionise how we manufacture drugs and chemicals

Greener pharma

The pharmaceutical industry generates tons of toxic waste and carbon emissions. Moreover, it often relies on the supply chains of chemicals and catalysts, which limits timely production during emergencies.

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Mechanochemistry gets rid of solvents. It uses mechanical force, like grinding and milling, to drive chemical reactions. It’s succesfully used by other industrial sectors (aerospace, cosmetics, fertilisers…). Now, IMPACTIVE will validate its use in pharma.

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An impactful solution

IMPACTIVE is a project funded by the European Commission, which counts on 17 partners in 10 different countries. Our expertise covers the whole value chain, from research to industry and innovation, which will ensure our solutions find ways to market.

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Strong industrial collaboration

IMPACTIVE counts with the industry from the start. 2 international companies (Merck & Novartis) are part of the project, to help with the scaling up.

Who is behind IMPACTIVE? Discover our partners!

IMPACTIVE is a very ambitious project, with members of the greatest background diversity. Altogether, we want to get rid of the solvents in the current pharmaceutical processes and substitute them with mechanochemistry, a greener, more sustainable approach.

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Our Annual Report is out!

We turn one year old, and we celebrate it by publishing our Annual Report, that analyses our latest developments.

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IMPACTIVE celebrates its annual meeting in Lisbon

After twelve months of collaboration, the IMPACTIVE project partners have celebrated a meeting in Lisbon, hosted by Portuguese partner IST-ID. The discussions delved into the developments of new mechanochemical methods, as well as useful strategies towards the protection of intellectual property towards commercialisation.

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