Greener pharma

Our project follows the 12 principles of green chemistry.

Grinding and milling

Mechanochemistry uses ​mechanical force, like grinding and milling, to drive chemical reactions. ​

A stronger supply chain

IMPACTIVE will reinforce the European supply chain, reducing its dependance on solvents and other chemicals.


IMPACTIVE is organised in Work Packages, teams with complementary expertise that tackle different aspects of the overall goals of the project.

Management and coordination

We make sure everyone works together smoothly. The management teams ensures the project meets its goals and objectives, and prepares all the important documents and reports for our funder: the European Commission.

Discontinuous and continuous processes

Industrially, chemistry works in batches (like cooking pots of pasta) and continuous processes (like flowing water). This team will develop mechanochemistry methods for both systems, at a small lab scale.

Multi-component forms and formulation

We will develop multicomponent systems, such as co-crystals and salts, using mechanochemical processes. These methods are just proofs of concept, which will allow us to test and study these new mechanochemical routes towards scale-up. We must ensure everything works before building big stuff!

Kinetics and reaction mechanisms

Our team will look into chemical reactions really, really closely. The goal: understanding how atoms and molecules behave under (mechanical) pressure, how fast reactions run, and discover optimisation methods.

Scale up engineering

OK, things work in the lab. Now, our team will ensure things also work industrially, which usually means scaling up quantities and smoothing some aspects to ensure efficiency. It’s all about developing the production processes.

Life cycle, safety and risk assessment

To make green pharmaceuticals we have to take a look into the whole manufacturing cycle. Our team will monitor closely all the IMPACTIVE processes, to account for environmental, health and societal impacts.

Communication, dissemination and exploitation

While cool things happen in the lab, our team ensures everybody knows. The communication team populates our website, social media, and much more. At the same time exploitation experts talk to investors and industry, all about technology transfer.