Our website is live!

IMPACTIVE launches its brand-new website, an online hub to find all the updates about our project, results, and activities

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Just a few weeks after officially kicking-off our project, we’re now ready to unveil our new website! Mechanochemistry.eu will gather the latest updates in terms of scientific discoveries, technology transfer, outreach events, and much more – all connected to mechanochemistry and its huge potential to make the pharmaceutical industry greener.

Crafted by our Communication and Dissemination partners at AGATA, Spain, the website is especially design to present the results of the IMPACTIVE project in an accessible and appealing manner. Our website will become a central hub to find information around the project, including clear and concise information about the major milestones and progress achieved along the way. The consortium partners will ensure the content is regularly updated, as well as always connected with our social media channels, namely Twitter and LinkedIn.

Given you’ve reached this blog post, you’re probably familiar with the project already. Nevertheless, here’s a brief summary of everything that’s available:

  • Home: It’s our main landing page. This section of the IMPACTIVE website displays the main motivations and goals of the project, as well as highlights the latest news stories and upcoming events of the project.
  • Our project: This section delves deeper into the details of the project, and how it’s structured. We explain how the different teams (also known as “Work Packages”) carry out the research, innovation, and communication efforts. It’s broken down into different tabs, to make it super easy to the information you’re actually looking for.
  • Our results: As soon as we have cool results, this section will showcase them. It will include our fancy scientific papers, different deliverables, as well as press clippings and newsletters.
  • Our partners: IMPACTIVE counts on experts from academia, industries and SMEs around Europe. Discover the different partners of the project, and find out which tasks and teams they’re involved in. 
  • News: This (actually, this!) section of the website features all the news stories and updates, regularly revised by the IMPACTIVE consortium. Make sure to follow this closely to stay updated! 

We really hope you like it. Please let us know if you find any little bugs 🐜 out there, we’re always super happy to implement improvements.